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EN 45545 Fire Safe Rail Hose European Standard | Tidyco

EN 45545 Fire Safe Rail Hose European Standard | Tidyco
EN 45545 Fire Safe Rail Hose European Standard | Tidyco

EN 45545: Fire protection of railway vehicles: Requirement for fire behaviours of materials and components

EN 45545 part of the European standard is pertaining to fire protection on railway applications used in the rolling stock market, specifically the requirements for fire and smoke behaviour of materials and components. Regarding the rolling stock market, this will see a wide variety of suppliers and operators affected, including brake hose manufactures, cable suppliers, floor manufactures and even seating production. Manufactures and operators must follow strict requirements throughout the standard; anything weighing more than 100 grams on a train must undergo a fire safety test. It is of high importance that the materials and components used are tested for toxicity, smoke density and oxygen-depletion.

Railway vehicles complying with EN 45545 standard:
• Locomotives
• Multiple unit trains 
• Passenger car 
• Light rail vehicles
• Trams
• Underground vehicles
• Trolley buses (only in relation to the electrical equipment)
• Magnetic levitation vehicles

Source: EN45545 on track for mandatory use (2016) Beth Dean: 

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